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most times she will come over to my place while he is at work or while she is pretending to be out with her friends and I will sit in the chair and she will be their on her knees sucking my dick, or we will sometimes be at the dining room table with her under the table while Im doing some work on the computer, while she sucks my dick.

but sometimes I will get alittlle daring and make her do it for me in situations that are really risky, like being at her own house in her living room while she is completely nude while her husband is at work.

she saw them and she knew what I was up to and was ready to head out the door, but I went up to her and told her in private that it would be ashame for her bf to know what kind of girl she is this close to the wedding.

than I told her she is to go back in and take off her coat and her clothes and I told her shes going to do everything I tell her to do.

as I was doing that, I smiled and lookd at her and told her how much I was going to enjoy this.

and when I was able to find out for sure about it with some research, I decided to confront her about what I found out.she then hesitantly did what I said, with some coaxing from my hand.when she was down their on her knees I moved in front of her face and started to undo my pants.after calling her at her apt, I made sure she was by herself, and then I asked if I could come over.when I got their I wasnt sure what to say so I just showed her what I found.

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